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Can Playing Netball in Different Positions Elevates Your Game?

Updated: Aug 10, 2023

Netball, a fast-paced and dynamic team sport, requires a blend of agility, coordination, and teamwork to achieve victory on the court. Warriors asked the question can playing netball in various positions significantly enhance your skills and overall game? So to test this out Warriors organised their first Match Play Event.

After a day of constant rain, I had my doubts that Warriors first match play event would happen. But the sun came out, the courts dried up and by 7pm it was all stations go for netball!!

What a fun evening, pick a bib out of the bag, 8 min play, and repeat x 5. Everyone got to play in a new positions, GK become GS, WD had a go at C.

So Does Playing Netball in Different Positions Elevates Your Game? Here's the theory behind it.

  1. Skill Development

Participating in different positions exposes players to a wide range of skills essential for netball success. From shooting accuracy to defensive techniques, passing precision to court awareness, each position hones specific attributes. As players switch positions, they broaden their skill set, becoming versatile assets to their team.

  1. Enhanced Court Vision

Moving across various positions improves a player's understanding of the game from different perspectives. A centre (C) has to connect both defence and attack, requiring a heightened sense of court vision and strategic decision-making. Similarly, playing as a wing attack (WA) demands the ability to create opportunities by observing spaces and anticipating plays. When players switch positions, they develop an understanding of team dynamics, leading to better decision-making and positioning on the court.

  1. Adaptability and Versatility

Netball's fluid nature demands players who can adapt swiftly to changing circumstances. Playing different positions cultivates adaptability, enabling athletes to seamlessly transition between offense and defence. A player who has experienced various positions can readily adjust to opponents' strategies, ensuring the team maintains a competitive edge. Versatility in netball is like having a toolkit of skills, enabling players to address challenges effectively.

  1. Improved Communication

Netball thrives on communication between teammates. Players who have occupied various positions develop a heightened sense of how each role interacts. This understanding fosters better communication between players, as they anticipate each other's movements and needs. For instance, a defender turned centre knows the importance of a well-timed pass to initiate an attack. Improved communication leads to cohesive teamwork and a more synchronized game.

  1. Empathy and Team Bonding

Experiencing the challenges and demands of different positions fosters empathy among teammates. Players gain a deeper appreciation for each other's roles, contributing to a stronger sense of unity and camaraderie. Empathy encourages players to support one another and collaborate more effectively, resulting in a harmonious team environment where every member feels valued and understood.

Playing netball in different positions isn't just about mastering a variety of skills; it's about evolving into a multifaceted player who brings a wealth of experience and adaptability to the team.

Warriors Conclusion

At the end of the session everyone on court had a new appreciation for their team mates and we all walked away learning new netball skills. We also might have a new star GS in our midst @ Kathryn Stringer. Overall a fabulous Warriors evening playing netball in the sun and an event we will certainly run again.

A big shout out to the lovely umpire Jane, who kept us all in check!

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