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Meet the Coaches

Claire Picton


Kate Watts

Ex-County players (Kent WD & Hertfordshire GA) championing a friendly & encouraging training programme

With 40 years combined experience in playing and coaching adults, schools, clubs, regional, and county U15/U17 London Pulse hub squads. They are passionate & committed to bringing top-level Netball coaching to our Club.


Both First Aid trained, Safeguarding Children, Mental Health First Aid and DBS certified, the club is in very safe hands.


As Directors of their netball coaching business NET4ALL, they are currently running our Monday training sessions with a focus on fun and fitness for all ages and abilities.


The programmes include fitness, ball skills, footwork patterns, netball drills and game play, with fun and inclusivity at the heart of every training session.

"I absolutely love being a part of TW Warriors. It is my favourite two hours of the week and I feel it has been so good for my mental health as I don’t worry about work or kids when I am there - it’s really been so important to me."
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