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Tunbridge Wells Warriors Netball Club 

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If you are interested in joining the first step is to book your FREE session.

Free taster sessions are designed to see if Warriors is for you.

Upon completing the taster session full membership is open to everyone.

Warriors run taster sessions on the first Monday of the month.

Book Your Spot

Netball training sessions for all levels of fitness and netball skills.  Training is split into 1hr of, fitness, skills & drills, then 1hr of match play. Sessions are led by two expert coaches who will guide you every step of the way. 


To book our Free trial session you will be asked to complete the health questionnaire as part of the registration. This gives our coaches the information needed for you to be able to train safely.

We hold taster sessions on the FIRST MONDAY OF THE MONTH.


Warriors is an adult-only netball club so members must be 18 years plus.

To play netball you MUST have SHORT clipped nails and NO jewellery, piercings must be removed to take part in match play.

"I absolutely love being a part of TW Warriors. It is my favourite two hours of the week and I feel it has been so good for my mental health as I don’t worry about work or kids when I am there - it’s really been so important to me."
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