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More Than Netball. Warriors Book Club Reviewed, Tomorrow and Tomorrow and Tomorrow by Gabrielle Zevin.

Warriors First Book Club saw a group of book-loving Warriors congregate at St John's Yard to enjoy a drink together and discuss Tomorrow and Tomorrow and Tomorrow by Gabrielle Zevin.

Being my FIRST Book Club I didn't know what to expect! However, discussing this book with others provided deeper insights and different perspectives. Fellow Warriors highlight themes, characters, and details others overlooked, enriching our understanding of the book.

The below review is by Marie Wright, Book Club Boss

"For someone who has never gamed nor been interested, this book is impressive to have completely held my attention. I was transported into the story and experienced the emotions of each character as I read. The author’s unique and clever writing took me on an emotional rollercoaster of a journey.

I also found it refreshing to read a book about friendship between a girl and a boy, and I found the fact that they were unable to connect, communicate and understand each other in real life but could do so beautifully and cleverly through the realm of gaming intriguing.

In summary, moving, thought-provoking and has an original storyline. I thoroughly enjoyed reading it and highly recommend it.”


⭐ Book Club gave a rating of 4/5

🩷 100% of Book Club would recommend it to a friend.

If you are interested in joining the Warriors Book Club you can email

The next book club meeting is Thur, 20th June.

We are reviewing Weyward, by Emilia Hart.


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