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Warrior Membership

Tunbridge Wells Warriors Netball Club 

I am so glad that you enjoyed your taster session and you now want to become a Warrior!


In order to join our club, it is a requirement of the England Netball Association that you hold a yearly membership with them. The cost for the year is £37.50, there is also a small bolt-on for London/SE (£1) these memberships are needed for insurance purposes.


Unfortunately, you cannot train without being a member of England Netball. 

Step 1

Click on the link below, this will take you to the England Netball Association Website (Engage) & the TW Warriors NC page.

Step 2

Select the buy memberships option and then click 'Purchase'

Step 3

If you are already a member login in now, if not you will need to register on the Engage website. Once you have completed the information and submitted your details please check your email inbox as you will need to confirm your email address to login in.

Step 4

Once in your account, you should see the pending membership payment. Pay now to complete the transaction. Once the payment has gone through you are now a full member of TW Warriors NC and insured to play.

Step 5

To book TW Warriors NC training sessions and have access to our member's website area you will need your England Netball ID number. Simply go to login at, select 'New to this site? Sign up', complete the simple signup with your England Netball Number and you are in!

Step 6

You now have access to our member's area, book training, book social events, read premium content, chat to other members.

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